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The Battle at Kapyong, April 1951 - Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand troops of the Korean War hold back an invading Chinese army which aims to drive the foreigners into the sea. Often in total darkness, individual is pitted against individual for the control of a valley - the traditional invasion route to Seoul. What follows becomes the turning point of China's spring offensive and decisive mment in the Korean War. more...


The 10 Conditions of Love


Rebiya Kadeer is China’s nightmare. Exiled in the US, she is fighting for the rights of her people, the Uyghur, China’s oppressed Muslim minority. But Rebiya's campaign condemns her sons to on-going  solitary confinement in a Chinese prison. Though having done 6 years solitary herself, she will not relent. Twice nominated    for a Nobel Peace Prize, Rebiya Kadeer is a remarkable woman who pays a heavy price for her patriotism. more...


Rainbow Bird and Monster Man


A true, moving account of child abuse told by Tony Lock. At four years of age the little boy's hero becomes a monster when Tony is raped by his father's close friend. The rapes continue for another ten years. “Rainbow Bird and Monster Man” is told by legal experts, psychologists, police and by the little boy who returns as a man to extract a savage revenge. more...


Troubled Minds - The lithium revolution

troubled minds

A carefully constructed portrait of Dr. John Cade a unique Australian, an ex prisoner of war, an iconoclast, a talented psychiatrist and the father of modern psychopharmacology. In 1948 Cade discovers a treatment for bi-polar disorder and so turns upside down, the philosophies and practices within mental health establishments at that time. more...


Penicillin: The Magic Bullet


The untold story of the history and making of Penicillin.
In 1940, as World War Two raged, Australian Howard Florey and team at Oxford University made the worlds first antibiotic. They used old bedpans, parts of a broken telephone and scrounged dairy equipment. Penicillin was a lifesaver, but its discovery was a trial of penury, character assassination and spotlight snatching. Using dramatic re-enactments and Florey's own archive film, this documentary tells the true story.more...


The Good Looker

good looker

A documentary about Joy Hester, one of the great larrikins of Australian art - an artist who was never widely acknowledged in her day, and who was one of the first to deal head-on with the inner world of love, sexuality and male-female relationships. Albert Tucker, Charles Blackman, Mirka Mora, Barbara Blackman, poet Barrett Reid and writer Michael Keon talk about Hester, their memories, her drawings and a life of astonishing creative energy. more...


PNG: rules of the Game


A story about the absence of blood... of how "a massacre of an election" was avoided... and became a triumph of emerging democracy.
In Iraq, the battle for democracy means daily horror and bloodshed. In Papua New Guinea in early 2007 - ahead of a mid-year general election - there were widely-held fears of violence, bloodshed and mayhem - a repeat of the murderous 2002 poll - accusations of rampant corruption on a colossal scale. more...


Constructing Fear


A documentary exposing the activity of an industrial inquisition targeting building workers across Australia. “Constructing Fear” shows how these workers are the front line in an attack on civil liberties that has implications for every Australian. more...


A Stowaway's guide to the Pacific


Another project that was groundbreaking for it's time (early 2005) is A Stowaways Guide to the Pacific. A six part digital interactive project that tells the story of Nick Young and Tayeto. more...





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